India Catalyst

In 2018 FlexAbility and Alexander Mann Solutions, together held the first India Catalyst Summit. Spread across Mumbai and Delhi. Over 50 HR decision makers converged to discuss the future of Human Resource and Recruitment.
Here is a quick snapshot of what we discussed:



The rapid growth of technology in the Asia Pacific region and its impact on HR and Recruitment


The Evolution of Sourcing in an Engagement Economy

The paradigm shift in how candidates are sourced and how the economy is moving - from an employer-centric model to a relationship-centric model.


Delivering a Great Candidate Experience

How to leave a lasting impression on the candidate when your marketing focuses on them, and not you.


How AI is Impacting Talent Acquisition

AI is starting to do the grunt work that will greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of the entire industry.


RPA in Talent Acquisition

Robots can do the work of multiple people by performing repetitive tasks and working between various systems.

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