Leading aircraft manufacturer
    • The company has an Engineering design center in Bangalore which focuses on the development of advanced capabilities in the areas of Modeling & Simulation. 
    • We manage end to end recruitment including on boarding and salary administration to employees via an external vendor.
    • The company‚Äôs first entry to the Indian market, we were engaged to provide support on a range of broad HR issues including availability of talent and salary benchmarking 
    • Over the tenure of engagement, we recruited over 100 professionals covering a broad range of niche and technical skill sets, such as: FMS Simulation, HR, Finance, DMU Tools, Fluid Dynamics, Aero elastics, Tire Modeling, Structures and Systems simulation

    • Most roles required very high end and niche rare skills (e.g. scientists with PhD in aerospace engineering). Such candidates were not found on portals 
    • Deployed a very strong client specific sourcing team off-site in Bangalore and a client facing resource on-site
    • Developed a media plan which branded the company  as a high-end, technologically-advanced employer and released advertisements.
    • Successfully sourced candidates via advertisements and  headhunting route. 
    • Successfully filled high end roles
    • Won client appreciation